It’s Time to Explore the Best Variety of Artificial Grass Carpets!

Got Tired of the daily maintainance of your natural lawns? It’s really hard to maintain a perfect garden in such an extreme weather condition like Dubai. Don’t worry, Dubai Grass Carpet is always there for you! Owing to the latest range of artificial grass, we make it simple for you to have a natural feel (even inside your homes) without the headache of daily maintainance & watering them. With our bestest variety of synthetic grass, just relax and feel the pleasure of nature inside your personal rooms!


Our Artificial Grass Carpet is Perfect for Your Lawns!

In such an innovative city like Dubai, everyone wants something that is more than perfect and must holds a unique aspiring element in it. Keeping these things in mind, we’ve crafted our artificial grass carpet Dubai collection. Materials like nylon, polypropylene, or polyethylene are the secret recipe that makes our carpets resilient to stains & spills, sets them stuck at their place, gives a totally natural feel, and makes your space a study of beauty.

Dubai Grass Carpet: Discover the Extremes of Natural Aesthetics!

Artificial grass UAE is the ideal choice for your outside spaces, particularly if you live in a metropolis like Dubai. It has the appearance of real grass and the best part is, it doesn’t even require the upkeep of actual grass. A fantastic option for your patios or lawns is green grass carpets. It provides the illusion of a grassy lawn without the trouble of needing to fertilize or weed. They can offer you the desired look because they come in a range of thicknesses.


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Our Artificial Grass is the Finest Of All You Can Explore!

Want to have the best synthetic carpets for your outdoors in Dubai? You should try our 35mm artificial grass which is made with the newest technology and production methods, guaranteeing its longevity and ability to resemble a real lawn. We take great satisfaction in giving our clients the greatest fake grass carpet, and we’re dedicated to supplying excellent materials and workmanship. We offer the ideal option whether you require astroturf for a sports field, commercial building, or residence in Dubai.

Greenery Throughout the Year

Suitable for Your Pet Animals

Provides Strong Foot-Grip

Resilient to Ordinary Damages

Why Our Artificial Grass Is Suitable For You?

Numerous Choices To Select From!

This grass has multiple uses, so you don't even need to buy pricey decorations. All you need is to decide a perfect carpet.

Conserving Electricity and Water!

You can significantly reduce your energy costs because artificial turf doesn't require irrigation or lawn care.

Requires Almost No Upkeep!

For our fake grass to survive, it won't need any type of laborious upkeep or expert services.

Completely Nature Friendly!

This grass is good for the environment and people because it is absolutely free of harmful contaminants.

No Development Or Defense!

You won't need to purchase any chemicals, repellents, insecticides, or fertilizers for this treatment.

Not Wanking Possible At All!

One of the best quality of these carpets is "Animals, footsteps, impact, or climate won't fade or harm this turf."

Get Perfect Greenry Now !


Why Our Artificial Grass is Best?

At Dubai Grass Carpet, we make sure that each of our synthetic turf is fully fledged in terms of quality, functionality, texture, and looks! Thus, each of our grass carpet is made from 100% organic supplies that makes them ideal to fulfill the innovative demands of UAE’s weather and your personal preferences!

Totally Natural Look!

Made from totally organic supplies like polyethylene & nylon is the secret behind “Why our grass carpets looks so natural”

Resistant to Slip & Skid!

Our carpets are totally resilient against water and other lubricants, thus, they prevent skidding or slipping over them.


Highly Durable!

Determining the extreme weather conditions of UAE in mind, each of our carpets is crafted. Thus, they’re a born resistive option!

Extremely Soft & Comfy!

Our artificial grass Dubai is rich in texture and is made of highest quality fabrics which makes them extremely soft & comfortable!

Why Only Us?

For the past 12 years, Dubai Grass Carpet has been the only supplier of artificial turf that has the most competitive rates and serves with the highest quality. Being the top supplier of artificial grass carpets in Dubai, we consider it our duty to assist our customers till the last step. Our team is available 24/7 to provide your assistance. Furthermore, we offer free shipping, free consultation, free budget estimates, and even free visit to your sights. We go far beyond our commitments and feel pride in serving you with the best. 


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

There’s no need to water such fake grass carpets as they don’t require any of such thing to be maintained.

Nylon grass is the best type of fake grass currently known to UAE’s residents.

In terms of artificial grass, nylon grass is incomparable to any other type of grass, especially in Dubai’s environment.

Artificial grass costs around 70-120 AED per square meter in Dubai.