Stairs Artificial Grass

Elevate The Overall Appearance Of Your Staircase With Stairs Artificial Grass Dubai

Tired of looking at dull stairs in your home or office? Upgrade your staircases with stairs artificial grass from and enjoy a gorgeous makeover because when you apply Artificial turf to stairs, also known as stair carpet or stair runner, is a fantastic way to elevate the overall appearance of any staircase.

Our staircase artificial grass solutions are custom-designed for application on stairs to provide a lush & vibrant touch whether you have straight stairs, curved stairs, or spiral staircases–Our artificial grass can be shaped and contoured to fit your stairs perfectly.


We Offer The Highest Quality Stairs Artificial grass Carpets At Reasonable Rates

We utilize only the highest quality materials and advanced manufacturing technologies to craft our stair grass products. Made from durable polypropylene grass fibers with UV protection, our artificial turf is fade-resistant, retains its color vibrancy for years, and is also stain-resistant, pet-friendly, and easy to clean. 

We use non-toxic grass with proper underlay and expert installation, which is why our stair runners are slip-resistant and safe to use.

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Shop From The Biggest Online Collection Of Stair Carpet Dubai

With hundreds or even thousands of unique styles, colors, and designs, we boast the biggest online collection of stair carpet solutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and all over the UAE so browse and shop for an artificial grass stair runner that matches your interior design theme. 

Choose from natural-looking green shades or make a bold statement with blue, red, pink, and mixed-color artificial grass installed on your stairs. 

If you’re looking for Stairs Artificial Grass near me, don’t look anymore because you’re exactly at the right place–Just contact us so we can show you what you want to buy.


5 Noticeable Features & Hidden Advantages of Stair Artificial Grass Dubai

Installing stairs artificial grass from ushers in these 5 noticeable improvements:

  1. Vibrant Living Green Color
  2. Soft Underfoot Comfort
  3. Slip Resistance
  4. Fade & Stain Resistance
  5. Completely Transformed Look

In addition to its key features, there are several hidden features like the ability to perfectly contour the artificial turf to the exact shape of your stairs which are made from non-toxic and safe materials that withstand heavy foot traffic for commercial spaces.

Stairs Artificial Grass Rolls are also versatile for indoor and outdoor application and work well in Dubai’s hot climate which are the ideal features for every customer.


Get Top Notch Stair Grass Carpet Installation Services For Home & Office

Our skilled in-house crews have installed thousands of stairs with artificial grass over a decade because we take accurate measurements, seamlessly contour the artificial grass to your stairs, and securely fasten it for flawless long-term functionality.

For residential homes, we complete installations with minimal disruption over just 1 to 2 days, and our process does not damage or require alteration of existing stairs.

For commercial establishments like corporate offices, malls, etc–We provide installations with zero downtime, working discreetly without impacting visitors or operations.

Post-installation, we offer 1-year labor warranty along with manufacturer defects coverage for 5 years so receive free annual maintenance and repairs within this duration along with discounted rates for lifetime extended warranties.

Why Choose Us?

If you’re not sure why you should trust our Stair Artificial Grass Dubai, we want you to know that we have 10+ years of experience installing staircase artificial turf in Dubai homes and offices and more than 5,000 satisfied clients and rave reviews with the biggest catalog of artificial stair grass product options at reasonable prices.

Therefore, don’t waste your time here & there and try our professional and disruptive installations, post-installation warranties, and discounts & lifetime warranty extensions.

For the best artificial grass stairs carpets in Dubai homes and commercial establishments, look no further and get in touch with us via phone or email or order online to schedule an installation quote.

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