Balcony Artificial Grass

Boost The Appearance Of Your Space With Balcony Artificial Grass

Do you wish to transform your apartment balcony into an inviting oasis but lack the time and resources to maintain real grass? At DubaiGrassCarpet.com, we provide premium quality balcony artificial grass specifically designed for balcony spaces that delivers the lush green appeal without any hassles of mowing, watering, or muddy messes.

Our artificial grass tiles for balcony are crafted with UV-resistant polyethylene grass blades sculpted in natural shapes to realistically mimic the texture and vibrancy of live grass. 

Once installed by our experts, our low-maintenance balcony grass stays permanently green and welcoming through all seasons and weather fluctuations and that’s probably the reason why they’re durable enough to handle furniture movement and foot traffic or host intimate gatherings any time with a vibrant green space adding style and serenity to your balcony.


We Are The Best Balcony Artificial Grass Suppliers in Dubai

With over a thousand successful small space installations under our belt, We’re Dubai’s most reputable artificial grass brand for balcony applications because our synthetic turf is safe for families with children and pets while meeting international standards due to its non-toxic components. 

We offer balcony artificial turf in multiple blade lengths, thatch layers, and backing types tailored to your aesthetic needs, traffic levels, and budget so don’t waste your time and check out our online catalog that features a rich visual selection while our grass experts assist you in picking the right product variation matching your requirements down to the last detail.

Check Out Our Latest Balcony Grass Carpet Collection Online

We constantly update our collections with fresh styles so you can browse trending options like GreenDrive, Urbane Gray, Foresta, Secret Garden, and Touchdown which are what every synthetic turf customer is looking for today!

Our online grass library lets you see how different products translate into real spaces so you can order samples to make an informed decision matching your interior design taste.

Need any Consultation?

For your any query and consultation, our contact team is available 24/7.

10 Key Features & Advantages Of Using Our Balcony Artificial Grass

Before you purchase your balcony artificial grass, we would like you to take a look at the 10 most classic & trendy features which are also the advantages of our artificial grass ideas for balcony:

  1. Realistic Appearance
  2. Soft & Comfortable
  3. Zero Maintenance
  4. All-Weather Performance
  5. Superior Durability
  6. Easy Cleaning
  7. Pet & Child Friendly
  8. Versatile Applications
  9. Customization Options
  10. Hassle-Free Installation


Get The Finest Balcony Artificial Grass Installation Services From Our Experts

If you’re worried about the installation stuff then be at ease because we have developed a customer satisfaction team to ensure the flawless installation of your new lush balcony grass carpet tailored precisely to your balcony’s dimensions. 

Our customizable services include Space evaluation & planning, Surface preparation, Precision trimming & fitting, and Securing grass seams & edges neatly with adhesive tapes.

We’ll also take care of the drainage setup to prevent water accumulation and provide guidance on maintenance for long-lasting quality and appearance.

With us handling the installation process with care, expect no messy glue stains, raised corners or uneven joints marrying the beauty of your new Balcony Fake Grass Dubai.

Why Choose Our Balcony Artificial Grass?

At DubaiGrassCarpet.com, we always prefer to know & understand what ideal customers want from us and we try our best to fulfill their needs by offering our products & services at affordable rates.

We don’t overcharge our customers so you can expect a wide lush & realistic Balcony Grass Carpets Dubai selection to match any style and budget need which will enhance the exterior of your living space.

Our grass is superior in terms of durability compared to cheap imported grass prone to fading and tearing because our professional installation services deliver flawless & long-term results.

Therefore, For premium balcony artificial grass suiting balconies and small spaces, trust us and contact us via email, phone, and WhatsApp today!


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