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Transform Your Outdoor Space With Terrace Artificial Grass Dubai

If you’re looking to give your outdoor terrace area a fresh new look that is low maintenance, always green & ultra soft underfoot, terrace artificial grass is the perfect solution. 

Most people don’t know that Installing artificial turf on your building terrace in Dubai allows you to create a beautiful & lush lawn without concerns over natural grass upkeep in the UAE climate. 

Read on for a complete guide about artificial grass for roof terrace – the benefits it offers, installation considerations, and why should be your top choice for sourcing and fitting synthetic grass in Dubai communities and developments.


How Terrace Artificial Grass Dubai Is A Long-Term Investment?

Most people ignore the fact that a premium artificial grass carpet for terrace on your Dubai terrace or landscape is an investment that pays dividends for years to come through tremendous cost savings and virtually zero maintenance compared to natural grass upkeep. 

The superb materials we use are fade and stain-resistant under harsh UV exposure to retain vibrant color and lush appearance 5x longer than cheaper alternatives which means no replacement costs for years.

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We Offer Custom Terrace Artificial Grass Dubai Solutions

One major benefit of terrace artificial grass versus original grass is the creative flexibility it offers landscape designers and architects because synthetic turf is precision-cut to any custom shape, contour, or pattern for perfectly tailored installations that complement the surrounding environment. 

You can either choose from a vibrant spectrum of blade tones and pile heights to realize your artistic vision or plan your imaginative size & color even in unusual narrow terraces or awkward places that can be transformed into modern urban greenspaces which the residents of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and other parts of the UAE love.


Benefits of Terrace Artificial Grass

From low residential buildings to luxury hotel pool decks, artificial grass for terrace offers the lush & welcoming feel of grass without the lawn care headaches which is an ideal surface flooring solution for contemporary outdoor spaces in Dubai and the UAE.  

There are many great reasons to install artificial turf on your high-rise apartment terrace, villa rooftop terrace, or commercial development landscape terrace in Dubai:

  • Always Green & Lush
  • Soft & Comfortable
  • No Maintenance
  • Customizable 
  • Durable Material
  • Completely Safe
  • Aesthetic Versatility

Artificial Grass Installation Considerations

Did you know that it’s not easy to install synthetic turf on your building terrace and in most cases it requires careful planning and preparation for optimal results? 

Proper site inspection is the key when you want to assess the size, shape, existing floor, slope, drainage, and surrounding elements so make sure to compact the subsurface, grade slight slopes for rain runoff, and install porous aggregate sub-base for drainage. 

Therefore, we recommend you choose the right turf pile height, yarn type/shape, and infill material based on terrace use – decorative landscaping, play area, pets, and high traffic. We guide you through options.

When planned properly, your artificial turf installation will withstand the hot climate and intense use for years because our experienced team handles all necessary terrace preparation and synthetic grass fitting – including any customizations.

Why Choose Us for Your Terrace Artificial Grass Dubai Project?

With over 1500+ successful installs across the UAE, we are the leading fake grass for terrace supplier and installers for residents, developers, and facility managers so trust us for both your small and large landscaping projects using artificial grass. 

You’ll love working with us because we have 15+ Years of Industry Experience so we know what our customers want before they acknowledge it. We know all aspects inside and out to guide you to the best turf product and installation for your space and needs.  

As an authorized distributor for the top global turf brands, we provide wholesale pricing by cutting out middlemen markups.

Furthermore, We can also visit your property to assess your terrace and advise the most suitable terrace artificial grass solution free of charge to install turf products using advanced yarns and backings for visual appeal and longevity in Dubai’s harsh UV exposure.

From start to finish, we handle all turf preparation, customization, installation, clean up leaving your outdoor space revamped so enjoy manufacturer product warranties plus our own workmanship guarantees for defect-free installation and peace of mind.